Vertx Runner’s Clutch Belt, Grey F1 VTX5215 AGY OSFA

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CLUTCH is a modular” multi-purpose belt platform that hugs the body with a two-way stretch material and Hypalon side panels for a custom fit. Designed by Unity Tactical to make a combat loadout disappear under civilian clothes like shorts or sweats” the CLUTCH is a must-have system for anyone conducting low-vis or undercover operations. The Runner’s CLUTCH Belt can be worn underneath the waistband” making it ideal for conditions where concealment is difficult. The CLUTCH allows for carriage of a full-size pistol” multiple reloads” radio” IFAK” etc.” giving the user more capability to prosecute a fight and is a force multiplier for plain-clothes law enforcement” military” security” or CCW missions that would otherwise relegate operators to compact weapons and less hardware. Outfit the CLUTCH with your favorite athletic gear or combine it with your arsenal of Vertx apparel for the ultimate covert uniform

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