About Us


The Johnston family started its customer service journey nearly a century ago. It was 1925 in Croydon, PA; not long after returning home from serving in WWI, William Johnston Sr. began working with his wife Adaline at their new store. The couple had a two-year-old son named William Jr. They had gas pumps and sold hardware and general store type goods. In the 30’s an opportunity to change locations arose and the Johnston family moved across the street to 710 State Road. This new location was larger and afforded William to chance to service vehicles as well as sell hardware and automotive parts. Over the next 20 years William and Adaline operated Johnston’s Atlantice Service station, selling hardware, auto parts, gas and offered full automotive mechanical and towing services. William and Adaline did all this while also serving their local community as part of Croydon Fire Company No.1 – William as a firefighter and Adaline as a member of the Womens Auxillary.

William Jr also worked at the service station, pumping gas, changing tires and helping Sr. on tows. Once WWII began William Jr. said goodbye to his parents and girlfriend Florence to join the Army Air Corp and head to Europe. Upon his return, he married Florence and took over the family business. During the late 40’s William began phasing out some of the service work and began stocking and selling more auto parts. In 1948 Johnston’s became a sporting goods store as well as an auto parts store that also pumped gas. William continued his family’s legacy of service by volunteering at the firehouse. Bill and Florence worked side by side for 30 years and had two sons to begin the 3rd generation in the family business. Their son Larry Sr. and his wife Kathy took over in the 1980’s. All automotive service and gas pumping ended in the late 80’s and more concentration was focused on sales.

 Larry and Kathy had four children to begin the 4th generation of the family business. After 30 years the 4th generation was ready to take charge. In 2012 Patti and Larry Jr took over the family business, once again moving across the street to focus soley on sporting goods.  After 10 years Larry and his family moved to York, PA to begin a new chapter in their lives. Johnston’s Sporting Goods is still in Croydon, PA being operated by Patti and her family, Larry opened Johnston Gun Company in York, PA to continue the family’s legacy of providing expert service in the sporting goods field. Come visit us today!!